Exploring Daegu!

I just had my first real weekend here in Korea. I pretty much spent the entire time in downtown Daegu, which is an easy 25 minute subway ride away. All those rides add up though, and I’ve spent a little more money on transportation that I would like, but I’m trying to quickly acclimate to this new city. It’s a little frustrating because all the EPIK people who were placed in Daegu already know each other from orientation, and I feel like a bit of an outsider. But, despite that I had a really good time. On Saturday, I went into the city and went to lunch at a place I had heard about called The Holy Grill. It’s an American style restaurant run by a Canadian guy. I had a Philly Cheesesteak and a Dr. Pepper, and it was so delicious. It kept me full for the whole day. After that, I went in search of the Herbal Medicinal Market. I followed the directions in my Lonely Planet guide, but I couldn’t find it. So instead I went and explored two giant department stores. They were right next door to each other, and pretty much the same. I was impressed though. U.S. department stores don’t have ANYTHING on the ones here. I can’t even describe how massive these places were. Both of them had a grocery store on the basement floor, and went up probably 10 or 11 floors. They have everything there, even movie theaters!

After that, I wanted to check out another spot from my Lonely Planet guide so I took the subway to Seomun Market. I walked around for awhile trying to find it and was about to give up. It seemed like I had walked pretty far down the road and I hadn’t seen anything yet. But, I did finally find it and it was so cool! This is another place I can’t really describe in words. You just have to see it. Here’s a description I found:

Seomun Market (서문시장) is the largest traditional market in Daegu, and one of the 3 biggest in Korea. There are reportedly over 4000 shops in the indoor and outdoor sections of the market, ranging from vendors selling agricultural and farm goods, fish and seafood, to home appliances. The area is also famous for its fabrics, textiles, and clothes, which are some of Daegu’s most popular exports.

It was amazing. I’m definitely going back after I get paid!

After that I met up with some people and we went to Traveler’s Bar and Grill, which is another very popular restaurant and bar. It’s full of foreigners all the time, and the food is really good too (but expensive!). I didn’t stay long though because I didn’t want to splurge for another taxi ride home.

On Sunday, I slept in, and then went back to downtown Daegu to meet with some people to go to Home Plus (Korean Walmart/Target basically). This place was insanity. Think Walmart on tax-free weekend and multiply that by 100. Crazy! It was raining, and we had a bunch of stuff so we decided to take a taxi back to Banwoldang Station (center point of the Daegu subway system). It should have only taken a few minutes, but finally we stopped the taxi driver because it was clear he was taking us in the wrong direction. So, we got out and ended up having to take the subway back even farther that we were before. We ended up having dinner back at Holy Grill. This time I had a burrito, and it was amazing. I have to be careful with this place!

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