Last week I had my first experience alone in a Taxi.  I was out late in downtown Daegu, and there was no way to get home because the subways/buses had stopped running.  Luckily, I remembered to bring my address written in Korean.  I was hoping it was correct, and that I would somehow make it home.  When I got in the taxi I handed my address to the driver, and he acknowledged that he knew where to go.  Once we got on the main road, he sped up to about 120km/hr.  Still a local street, but he was going insanely fast (ignoring signs, running red lights, etc).   He tried to talk to me, but quickly figured out how limited my Korean is.  He said “You English teacher?”, and then he told me he lived in my town Gyeongsan.  About halfway through the drive we came to an intersection with two cars smashed in the middle and emergency vehicles driving up.  He quickly swerved around them, and my reaction was “OH NO!”, and I made a horrified face.  One of the smashed cars was another taxi.  Not surprising given how they drive here!  The rest of the ride the taxi driver kept making fun of me saying “Oh no! Oh no!” over and over.  A few minutes later I recognized my street and had him pull over.  The ride was 21,000 won, so about $21.  Not terrible, but not something I can afford to do all the time!

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