First week!

I made it through my first week of school! It looks like my schedule will be basically:

Monday – 4 classes of 5th grade with co-teacher #1
Tuesday – 4 classes of 5th grade with co-teacher #1
Wednesday – 4 classes of 5th grade with co-teacher #2
Thursday – 4 classes of 6th grade with co-teacher #3
Friday – 5 classes of 6th grade with co-teacher #3

So far, every class is very different. Class sizes are between 22-30 students. I got to introduce myself to each class, and I made a power point with some pictures from back home. I showed them where I was from and had a picture of Texas, and then Dallas. Then I showed them a picture of my grandparents house that I got from google maps. It had my car parked out front so it was a really great picture. Every single class gasped in amazement. They clapped and cheered every time! It was really funny to me, because it really is a pretty small house by Texas standards, but they don’t really have houses like that here. Most people live in these high rise apartment buildings and the houses I have seen are small and run down looking. Then I showed them pictures of my family, and friends. My last slide was pictures of things that I like. I put a picture of tacos, and they really loved that.

Every class also got to ask me questions. The most common questions I got were “How old are you?”, “Do you have a boyfriend?”, “Are you married?”, “What other countries have you been to?”, “Do you like kimchi?”, “Do you like Korea/Korean food?”. But, some of them surprised me. For example, in one of my 6th grade classes a boy asked “Why did you want to become a teacher?” So cute!

School lunches are okay. I’m getting better every day with chop sticks. On Friday, I managed to eat spaghetti with chop sticks so I was quite proud of myself!

I sat in on a staff meeting and fought to stay awake because it was an hour of various people obviously speaking in Korean so I had no idea what was going on. I went to a 5th grade teacher pizza party. They got Dominos delivered, and I ate two slices of potato, mushroom, bacon, and corn pizza. It was just okay, nothing special.

The most memorable part of the week was my last 6th grade class on Friday. One of the girls I was working on a dialog with said “You have green eyes. They so beautiful!” Then all the other girls came over and stared in my eyes amazed. It was really cute! I was mentioning it to my co-teachers and they said “Oh, we have all been thinking in our heads the same thing!” Then a few hours later, another random teacher in the school complimented me on my eyes. So funny!

Next week should be interesting too. I’m still not sure what my role is in the classroom. I spend a lot of time in the afternoons sitting at my computer. But, it gives me time to study Korean, and catch up on corresponding!

I’ve been meeting a lot of new people in my area so I’m excited to get to know my neighborhood with new friends. Yay, I won’t be as lonely anymore!

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