Bus buddy

The second week of school is underway, and so far it’s been really great.  I have a bus buddy in the mornings.  I don’t know his name, but I know he works in the office at my school.  The first time he said hello to me at the bus stop last week I was really confused, but I assumed he was from my school so I went along with it.  He doesn’t speak much English, but I can tell how badly he wants to communicate with me.  I saw him one other time last week when he approached me at the bus stop.  That day at lunch, he told my co-teacher that he wanted ME to be the one to approach him and to say “Anyong haseyo” not “Hello”.  Alright, no problem!  I don’t take the same bus every day..sometimes I get on at 7:40 and sometimes 8:00, it just depends on how the morning goes.  He takes the 8:00 bus.  Oh, he also showed me a short cut for when we get off the bus and walk to the school.  It’s not that great though because it’s a very steep hill and I really struggle to keep up with him.  I guess it’s good exercise though?

So this morning, I knew I was going to take the later bus (snoozed too long!).  I stopped by Paris Baguette for some chocolate muffins (yes, it was that kind of morning!).  I arrived at the bus stop a little early ready to make my approach.  As soon as I saw him I jumped up and said “Anyong haseyo!” and did my little bow, and he seems so happy! Yay!  Then he said “Last night..at party, you sing..you sing very very good! I like your song!”  I asked him if he knew the song I sang (Billie Jean) and he said no, but that he enjoyed watching me sing it, haha.  He also asked me if I enjoyed the party, and of course I said I enjoyed it very much.  He tried to talk to me more but I had a really hard time understanding.  I felt so bad!  He told my co-teacher that he really wants to talk to me, but that his English is just really bad.  It’s so frustrating!  

On that note..I spent most of the day today studying Korean.  Yesterday, I managed to break the internet on my computer.  I have no idea what I did, but nobody could figure out how to fix it so my co-teacher told me somebody would come in and give me a different computer.  At the end of the day when I was wondering how I was going to stay awake the last hour of school, in walks the cute young male teacher (there’s only one in my school!).  His class was the one last week who had the girls who were so enamored with my green eyes.  He was also the teacher last night who was running around with the song book making everyone pick songs.  So he came in carrying a computer and spent a good hour getting it all set up.  He asked me what he could call me, so I told him “vanessa”, and he practiced saying it a few times (The is no “V” sound in Korean, so it’s a difficult sound for them to say,  it usually comes out as “Banessa”).  So then, he told me I could call him “Mr. Jeong”.  

So I’m just sitting there pretty much watching him do all these things to the computer, and my Thurs/Fri co-teacher says “Hey Vanessa, you know Mr. Jeong..he is singer”  and I was like “What do you mean?” (I’m thinking okay great…everyone here likes to sing, but okay), and she was like “You know, he singer!”.  It was clear I wasn’t understanding and she said “Singer, he is not married”.  Still, I wasn’t sure how to respond to that so I was like “Ohh, okay, haha I thought you said singer” and she laughed and said “Yes they are very similar word”.  And that was the end of that 🙂

P.S. – I made tortilla soup tonight and it turned out amazing.  I had to change a few things, but it worked out really well.  I’m excited to bring some to my main co-teacher tomorrow and see what she thinks!  I’m a little afraid she won’t like it because it’s SO different from everything here, but we’ll see!

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