White Day

Yesterday (March 14th) was “White Day” here in Korea. I saw advertisements for this downtown last weekend, but I really had no idea what it was until yesterday. So, on Valentine’s Day here, the girls give their boyfriends gifts (candy, etc.). On White Day the boys are supposed to return the favor by giving the girls gifts. Also, I heard on April 14 there is “Black Day” where single people eat a lot of carbs. So funny! Anyway, I got a lot of candy from my students, and the best part was walking around near my apartment and seeing all the guys carrying around these giant baskets with flowers, stuffed animals, candy, etc.

My friend Hannah and I decided to meet at Paris Baguette after school to catch up about the week and eat some delicious carbs. Why wait for “Black Day”?

Today at school was…frustrating. I don’t want to get into it, but I started to get a little too comfortable with people and got two male teachers confused and it was really embarrassing 😦

I met my last four classes of 6th graders today, and it went well for the most part. The first class was annoying and un-interested. The best class was 6-1. As soon as I walked in they all cheered and yelled “Helloooo!” at me. I gave my intro presentation, and the loved it. Then we spent about a half hour just talking. They had so many questions for me. Then, they wanted me to ask them questions. This was the first class that has done that so I took advantage. I asked them about their favorite foods, k-pop stars, tv shows, movies, etc. I really need to start watching and listening to the things they like because they always ask me if I know about Korean tv shows and music. They also wanted to know a lot about Texas, so I think I’m going to make a series of short PowerPoint’s about Texas stuff. I’m excited…I made one about sports today, and I’m going to make one for UT Austin (they always ask where I went to university). I also want to make one about the State Fair. Hopefully my co-teachers will give me time to present them.

I finally took all my trash out for the first time. I’ve been really scared to do it because there are really strict rules about the trash, and every neighborhood/city has different regulations. I think I have it figured out though. I have to buy these special red bags from the grocery store, and then as far as I know I just have to separate everything out. So paper in one bag, plastic in another, leftover food in another, etc. I miss my disposal!

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