Hot Presidents

I’ve been meaning to post about this for awhile!  Last Friday I had a couple very entertaining 6th grade classes.  The last two classes of the day on Friday are my favorites and I love ending the week on such a posititve note.  Most of this has to do with the fact that they SHOWER me with compliments about how beautiful I am. 

So, my first time meeting the 6-7 class (the one with the cute teacher, by the way), one boy asked me if I could bring some American money for him to see.  I had some at home, so I told him next week I would bring it.  Well, the next week I forgot so I told him I would try again next time.  So last Friday I finally remembered and as soon as I walked in he started yelling at me, “Money!!!!”.  I had a $50, $5, and a few $1 bills.  So I went around the room and showed them all to each table.  One group of girls kept pointing at George Washington saying “Handsome, sooo handsome!” and then they would point at Abe Lincoln and say “Soooo ugly”.  It was hilarious!  Overall, they really enjoyed seeing the money!

Later on in the lesson, the co-teacher was trying to get the students to read a passage but they were being stubborn about it.  Without even thinking about it, I pulled out a dollar bill and said I would give it to one student if they did an amazing job reading.  Of course my little friend who had been begging for me to bring the money to begin with raised his hand.  (Sidenote: This boy also asks me every class if I will be his girlfriend).  So he read and did a really good job.  Then the co-teacher decides to make it a contest and has another girl read, and then the whole class had to vote on who was the best.  It was about half and half, so I decided to give them both $1.  It was worth the money just to see how happy they were.  The boy displayed the dollar at the front of his wallet so you could see it through the clear plastic.  There’s a picture of it on facebook, but I’ll see if I can add it here later.  It really was so cute!  He kept walking around with it up against his face and batting his eyes at me.  Too funny!

The rest of the class was spent with the girls staring in my eyes, and telling me how beautiful I was.  Not to end this on a negative note, but I wanted to make sure to tell all the girls that they were beautiful too.  One of them said “No, I am not.  I am ugly.  My eyes are too small”  Broke my heart.  6th grade is such a tough age for girls to be, so hopefully I can help them to gain some self esteem.  They are all beautiful!

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