Teacher Sports Day

So yesterday afternoon around 2:45pm I was sitting at my desk wondering what I was going to do until teacher dismissal at 4:30.  Then my co-teacher says to me “Vanessa, today is Teacher Sports Day, so we will all go to the gym and play volleyball at 3 o’clock”.  Oh wow, thanks for the 5 minute notice!  If you haven’t heard me mention before…Korea is a VERY last minute culture. 

So I’m waiting around in the office, and the teachers all leave one by one and come back dressed in athletic clothes and shoes.  I’m very amused at this point and excited to see what would happen next.  We made our way to the gym where all the other teachers were setting everything up, and some were warming up doing stretches and bumping the ball back and forth.  I stood on the sidelines and pretty much refused to play because I didn’t want to rip my nice pants and shirt or fall on my face in my slippers.

They had a huge table set up with drinks including beer.  Then they had some delivery people bring in some chicken wings, and other food.  They also had lots of strawberries, chips, etc.  Beer and chicken wings at school!  So the women played first while the men kept score and a few played ping pong on the other side of the gym.  The women were awful, and it was pretty funny to watch.  They also had like 9 people on each team and they served from wherever they wanted.  Other than that, they kept score and were very competitive.  I guess some rules are more important that others.  After that, then men played .  They actually did “bump, set, spike” formations and would hardcore spike the ball.  It was hilariously entertaining.  Even the principal and vice principal played!

Overall, not a bad way to spend the last hour and a half of school.  I asked my co-teacher how often they do this and she said about twice a month.  Hopefully next time they will give me more notice so I can bring clothes and shoes.  I’m not counting on it though!

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