Easter Weekend

I’ve been in Korea going on 51 days now!  Sometimes it feels like I’ve been here much longer, but it’s also gone by pretty fast.  I think I’ve settled into a routine now, so things aren’t as exciting as before.  I’ve had to work the past two Saturday’s so I haven’t been able to take any trips outside of Daegu yet. I have next weekend off, so I’m hoping to go somewhere fun!

I kept forgetting that it was Easter last weekend.  It’s not commercialized like it is back home, and there are no days off school or work, so it’s just a normal weekend for everyone.  On Friday night, I went to my first movie here.  A huge group of us went to see “The Hunger Games” at the theater in Gyeongsan.  It was really fun and an interesting experience.  The ticket was 8,000 won (about $8), and you get an assigned seat. There was a bit of trouble when I bought my ticket and it took 3 people at the ticket booth to explain to me that there were no seats left in the same row as my friends.  They seemed to feel really bad about it, but I didn’t care.  I just wanted to see the movie, and I was right across the aisle anyway, so no big deal!  They also had a food court, and you could buy any food you wanted to bring in the movie.  Other than that, it was pretty much the same as a movie back home.  After the movie, we tried to go to a nearby “Vietnamese” restaurant.  I think there were about 15 of us and it was a little after 9pm.  We all sat down and the lady came around and took our orders.  10 minutes later, the waitress comes back with a phone and hands it to one of my friends.  Apparently, their English wasn’t very good so they called someone who spoke English to explain to us that since the kitchen was closing, they needed us to all order the same thing because they didn’t have everything prepped for all the different orders.  We ended up just leaving instead of making it a headache for everyone. 

Saturday, I woke up and went to school to teach a 4th grade English camp.  I haven’t worked with the 4th graders at my school, so I wasn’t sure how it would go or what their levels would be.  I had a co-teacher who planned most of the lessons, but she wanted me to plan one of the four lessons.  I was stumped the entire week trying to come up with something.  I finally thought of something 20 minutes before I left for school.  It actually went really well.  They were super cute, and really attentive for a Saturday.  They enjoyed my lesson a lot.  I taught them the “Months of the Year” song, and we played a game with their birthdays. 

Saturday afternoon I cleaned my apartment, and then Yuki and I took the subway into downtown Daegu.  We met up with some other friends and walked around for awhile and had dinner.  They all wanted to go home, but I wasn’t ready yet so I found some other friends to join up with, and had another dinner.  They took me to a jazz bar to hear some salsa music.  It was fantastic! 

Sunday was Easter, and I woke up late and then went to lunch with Yuki.  After lunch, we got Baskin Robbins and walked around Yeungnam University.  The campus is known for their many Cherry Blossoms, so I really wanted to see those.  The weather was fantasic too.  It’s been very cold for so long, and it was finally beautiful and warm outside.  So we walked around for about an hour, and he showed me a cute little folk village.  I’m going to try to go back and take some pictures.  After that, Yuki needed to go study, so I caught the subway into downtown.  I met up with some friends and we walked around and chilled in a park for awhile.  Everyone was out enjoying the weather.  There was a little choir singing church songs in Korean, and it was quite nice to listen to.  Then we had Korean BBQ for dinner (my favorite!).  I also found a crepe place downtown, so that will be dangerous, but delicious. 

It was a very good weekend!

Oh I left out the part where two little girls came running at me on the street screaming “WAYGOOKIN!!” (foreigner), and then handed me two eggs for Easter.  It was really cute!

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