6th Grade Field Trip

Last Friday I went with all the 6th grade classes and teachers to Gyeongju to visit Millenium Park.  There were 9 classes, each with about 25-30 students, plus all the teachers so it was a huge trip.  We all loaded into buses the first thing in the morning.  The students were SO excited that I was going, and they kept screaming my name and waving at me (this continued ALL day).  The bus ride was uneventful, and it took about an hour to get to Gyeongju. 

After we unloaded the buses and went inside it was pretty chaotic.  There were so many other frield trips going on that day that it was hard to move around to see anything.  The first thing they all did was take class pictures.


With 9 classes, it took awhile!  After that, we went to the main stage area and watched a cheesy little show.  I didn’t really understand what was going on because it was obviously all in Korean.  One of the other teachers told me she wished she could explain it to me but her English was not good enough. 


After the show was over, it was mass chaos.  We all crammed down this tiny path to see more of the park.  There were kids running around everywhere, and I’m not sure how it was possible to keep track of anyone, but nobody seemed worried about it.  Eventually we all gathered back together to watch another show.  This one was much more entertaining!

When this was over, everyone piled out of the auditorium and just ran around for awhile and explored before having a picnic lunch.  Lunch was definitely the best part of the day.  All the kids brought these cute little mats to sit on, and box lunches.  I was walking around taking pictures, and all the kids kept running up to me and shoving pieces of kimbap, grapes, chips, cookies, etc. in my face.  I was a little worried that I didn’t bring a lunch, but with the amount of food these kids brought, there was plenty to go around.  Their lunches were SO cute.  Definitely a huge difference between here and back home.

I had planned on taking a lot more pictures, and sitting down to chat with the students, but I was quickly pulled away for “teacher lunch”.  All the teachers left the kids alone to finish lunch, and we went to this little restaurant nearby.  Then they start bringing out the makoli.  Makoli is a rice wine, that is seriously delicious and dangerous.  This is definitely something that would NEVER happen back home, but I’m not complaining!  I got bored quickly because nobody talks to me, so I was anxious to get up and go hang out with the kiddos.  After lunch, we just walked around some more, and then we found this little area where they had archery.  I was really horrible at it, but it was a lot of fun!  After this, the teachers all went to the little coffee shop while the kids ran around the park.  It was so funny how unsupervised it all was, but it was completely okay.  The other thing I enjoyed was watching the kids eat all day.  I guess they had unlimited money for snacks.  Everytime I saw them, they were eating something.  It was really cute.  I had to sneak away from the coffee shop to go hang out with the students.  They were so cute.


Around 3pm, we all loaded back on the buses to head back to school.  One of the buses got into a really bad accident on the way back (with a taxi, go figure!!), so they split all the kids up to ride in the other buses so some kids didn’t have seats the whole way back.  It was all anyone talked about for the rest of the trip.  Pretty fun and exciting day!  I’m so glad I got to go!

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One Response to 6th Grade Field Trip

  1. Krystal says:

    Sounds so fun! Those lunches look yummy. I’m glad you enjoy spending time with the students.

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