Children’s Day/Sport’s Day

On May 5, Korea celebrates “Children’s Day”.  It’s basically just a day honoring children.  This year, it was on a Saturday, but my school used the day before to hold it’s annual “sports” or “field” day in observance.  My students had been practicing for weeks in preparation for this day. Everytime I looked outside, the students were practicing running, tug-of-war, and doing dances on the field.  I couldn’t wait to see how the days events would unfold!

As soon as I got to school, I was attacked by students asking me if I would cheer for the blue or white team.  They were so cute and excited.  I decided to sit with my 5th graders for the day.  There were tons of parents, grandparents, and siblings that were there to watch.  First, all the students went out on the field and sang the school song, national anthem, etc.  Then all the teachers led them through some stretches.  After that, things happened very quickly.  There were so many events going on at once that it was hard to keep up with it all.  Between every event, each grade had prepared a dance.  They were really cute, and I could tell how hard they had worked on them!  It was so amazing to watch.  It was definitely a WAY bigger deal than “Field Day” back in Texas. 

Here are some pictures from that day:

My 5th graders in the stands.


5th Graders and parents watching

This was one of my favorite events.  I have no idea what was going on, it was hilarious to watch!

My 5th graders doing their traditional dance.

This was also a funny event where the grandparents rolled around these giant balls.

This is my Wednesday co-teacher’s daughter.  She’s in First Grade (age 5), and her class all dressed up in these cute little outfits and did a dance.  I had to take a picture because she’s too adorable!

Overall, this day was a unique experience that I will never forget!

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