First day in Borocay

The trip to the airport in Manila was pretty uneventful.  There was a huge line outside the airport, and I quickly saw that we had to go through security before even checking in for our flight.  Luckily, it didn’t take very long.  Our flight to Borocay was on Cebu Pacific, and we quickly learned they are very strict about baggage.  We both had to pay extra because our luggage was over the 10kg limit.  They also have an additional “terminal” fee that wasn’t included in the cost of the ticket.  So after all that, we finally went to line up to board the flight.  We took a shuttle from the boarding gate out to a small plane.  The flight was only about an hour, and was also uneventful.
We landed at the tiniest airport that I’ve ever seen.  It didn’t take long to get our bags, and find the guy that was meeting us to take us to our hotel.  We loaded up on tricycles and headed for the port to catch a ferry to the island of Borocay.  When we first landed, it looked so beautiful, but as soon as we got on the ferry it started pouring rain.  The ferry ride was less than 10 minutes, and there was another guy at the other port waiting with a van to take us to our hotel (Best Western Borocay Tropics).  The ride was about 10 minutes, and it was interesting to see all the tropical trees and plants as well as the little villages that were on the island. 
The primary mode of transportation: tricycle
Porters carrying our bags to the ferry.
The view from our hotel room.  Flooded homes. 
Once we checked in and got situated in the hotel, our other friends Mina and Ivan called us to go to the beach.  We rushed to get ready, but on the walk down to the beach it started raining really hard.  We ended up just walking around the strip along the beach, and D Mall.  D Mall is a cute little outdoor area with lots of shops and restaurants.  We had lunch at a really good burger place.  By then the rain stopped, so we walked along the beach and ran into our other friends.  We decided to go swimming in the ocean for awhile.  The waves were really strong, but we had a great time.  After that, we went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.  It was fun getting all dressed up for the first night out.  Our group split up, and half of us ate at the Deparis Restaurant.  I had my first “Filipino” meal of Pancit Bihon.  Basically, noodles, vegetables and beef.  It was pretty good.  They also had buy one, get one free cocktails.  We walked along the beach checking out various bars.  We ended up at one pretty far down where we all danced for at least an hour getting all sweaty.  I ran into some other friends there, too.  We impressed all the Koreans by dancing to the insanely popular song “Gangnam Style”.  So many English teachers ended up in Borocay for vacation, so it got pretty crazy. We also went for a night time swim in the ocean until it started pouring down rain.  It was a fun first night!
D Mall in the rain.
Rainy first day on the beach.
Pancit Bihon.
The girls – first night out!
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One Response to First day in Borocay

  1. Mary Gwen says:

    What a shitload of fun!!!! Great pics too!

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