English Camp in Yeongdeok

Last weekend I traveled with a big group from the Gyeongsan English Town for an English Camp in Yeongdeok.  Yeongdeok is on the east coast of Korea, and it is a very small town known for it’s delicious crab.  I went there once before on a field trip with my school, and it’s really beautiful so I was excited to go back.  I wasn’t excited about working the entire weekend, but it ended up being really fun!

After the two and a half hour bus ride we arrived at the Gyeongbuk-do Student Training center that just opened.  It’s a brand new complex with a gym, classrooms, dorms, and a cafeteria.  It’s right on the ocean too, so the view was amazing.  We immediately broke up into teams.  I had seven middle school kids in my group. First, we had to think of a team name and motto to represent our group for the weekend.  I let the students decide, and they came up with “Haunted Dragon”.  One of the students was really concerned about this name.  He said to me, “Teacher…I think this name is very dangerous..’haunted’ is a very bad word.  It means you are cursed”.  Haha.  We also had to design a poster, and this was what we ended up with:



After that, we went over to the cafeteria for lunch before starting the day’s activities.  We rotated around to different rooms playing a variety of games.  The theme for the camp was holidays, so all of the activities centered around Halloween, Christmas, and Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving).  We decorated Halloween masks, Chuseok T-Shirts, and a Christmas tree.


They had to move a ping pong ball across the room using these pipes.


My Chuseok t-shirt.


Our little Christmas tree.  I’m not sure why one of the students made a flag with my name on it.  Later, we had to transport it to the gym and it was really windy outside, so some of the boys tried really hard to protect the tree from blowing away.  It was hilarious watching them do this!


That night we had a talent show.  Each group had to choose a song and change the lyrics to something that was about our team name and motto.  We got the song “I’m a Little Teapot”, and it took us awhile to come up with something.  The students were shy and I had to play a larger role than I wanted.  Our song ended up being about this little dragon (me) who wanted to go home for Christmas, but he couldn’t because all the scary monsters(students) were haunting him.  It was cute, and we got second place.  I really thought we would get first, so it was a little disappointing, haha.  Oh well.  We had fun, and the kids were awesome!


After that, the kids had a little free time before lights out at eleven.  They were running around the dorm like crazy eating snacks and ramen.  I’m really glad I wasn’t in charge of keeping that under control.  The rooms were really nice, but we had to sleep on the floor.  The next day we all woke up early for breakfast, and by 8:30 we headed out to various sites for the day’s activities.  First, we visited a fossil museum where the students completed a scavenger hunt.  Then, we went to the wind energy plant where they had another scavenger hunt.  After lunch, we finally made our way back to Gyeongsan.  It was an exhausting, but really fun weekend.  I really enjoyed working with the middle school kids, which I was not expecting.  I hope I get to work with them again sometime!

Beautiful Yeongdeok!


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2 Responses to English Camp in Yeongdeok

  1. Mary Gwen says:

    Awesome time!!!!!! Wow!! What energy all that takes !

  2. Aga says:

    Yes, I am sure a lot of energy expended! We went to ski camp last week and the kids were running wild in the dorm hallways as well, darting in and out of each others rooms, sharing ramein, snacks and cell phones. The Korean teachers just shut themselves in their rooms and waited for them to exhaust themselves fully.

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