Skiing at High1

Winter arrived weeks ago in Korea, and so far I really hate it.  It hasn’t been above freezing in weeks, and the heating system doesn’t do much to keep me warm (more on this in a separate post).  Although I hate being cold, I definitely LOVE to ski.  I went a couple of years ago in Colorado, and I have been so excited to do it again.  There are so many tour groups for foreigners here, and I found one that offered an amazing deal for a weekend skiing at High1 Resort in Gangwon-do.  For clothing rental, ski rental, hotel, transportation by bus, and all meals it was around $150 for the weekend.  I had an amazing time, and my ski skills improved a lot.  I already can’t wait to go again.  It was nothing like skiing in Colorado.  The mountains here don’t come close to comparing in size, and since it’s the beginning of the season most of the snow was fake.  But, despite that it was very beautiful and the slopes were really good.  







So I feel like I should say a little bit about our accommodation for the weekend.  It’s very popular in Korea to stay in “ondol” style rooms.  Basically, this means that you sleep on the hard wooden (heated) floor.  So, although the rooms were very modern and nice, there were no beds and we just got blankets for the floor.  It’s very popular for big groups to share rooms this way.  This was my second time staying in a room like this in Korea.  It’s not so bad if you are really tired and can fall asleep easily, but it definitely didn’t feel good when my muscles were aching so badly from a day of skiing.  But, it was only for a night and it was super cheap so I don’t mind dealing with that every now and then!

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