Lunar New Year

Last weekend was one of the biggest holidays celebrated here in Korea…Soellal, or “Lunar New Year”.  Koreans usually spend this holiday with their families.  Children/Young people bow to their elders and usually receive money.  They also play games, and eat “tteokguk”, which is a soup with sliced rice cakes.  

I was invited over to my vice principal’s house on Monday to celebrate the holiday with his family.  Everyone at my school was very concerned that I would be alone all weekend even though I told them it’s not a big deal.  I was worried I just got myself into a situation where I’d be sitting in silence for hours because I can’t understand Korean.  But, I was pleasantly surprised that his daughter was there, and she can speak English.  She works at one of the U.S. army bases in Daegu, so I really enjoyed talking to her.  The VP’s wife made  really delicious food including, bulgogi, chapjay, galbi ribs, pajeon (korean pancakes), etc. And of course I got to try the tteokguk, which was also incredible.  They also has the most adorable dog named “Ari”.  I really had the best time there!


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One Response to Lunar New Year

  1. Mary Gwen says:

    Awesome! Sounds really fun! Your not missing a thang here!!!!

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