Bullfighting and Strawberries

Last weekend, I spontaneously decided to join one of the trips offered by a travel group here in Daegu.  We went to Cheongdo, which is a town not far from where I live in Gyeongsan.  For about $30, we got to go to the wine tunnel, have a bbq lunch, go to the bullfighting festival, and pick strawberries.  It was cold and raining all day, unfortunately.  I think my favorite part was picking strawberries.  We each got a container and were told we could eat as many strawberries as we wanted in the greenhouse, and could pick as many strawberries as we could fit in the container.  They were delicious!  As we were leaving the strawberry farm, our bus slipped off the road into a rice paddy.  Everyone screamed, but luckily the bus didn’t completely tip over.  We all had to get off the bus and wait while they got a cable to hook up to another bus to pull it back onto the road.  Everything worked out fine, and we all made it safely back to Daegu.  It was an exhausting day!


Before the bulls came out these guys came out and took a bow before going to sit in chairs around the ring.


Each fight took around 10 minutes. You can place all sorts of bets on which one you think will win, or if it will be a draw.


Ivetthe and I with our strawberries.


Bus fail.

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