Korean Wedding

Last month one of my good friends here got married.  So, I got to go to my first Korean wedding.  My friend Yuki is from Hong Kong and he married his Korean girlfriend of a few years, Hyuji.

I’d heard not to expect much, and that Korean weddings weren’t as big of a deal as western style weddings.  The wedding was held at the Daegu Airport Hotel.  There were about 30 other weddings going on that day so it was a circus as soon as we walked in.  There are little tables set up where you go to sign in and put money in an envelope for the couple.  Then, the bride is sitting in a little room where you can go pose for pictures with her.   The actual ceremony took place in a little room that was connected to the hotel lobby.  There was no privacy, and you could hear all the commotion from the lobby going on the whole time.  The wedding took about 20-30 minutes, and was the usual…vows, candles, a song, etc.  Everyone was talking and taking pictures throughout the whole ceremony.  After the wedding everyone could go eat at the community buffet offered to everyone in the building attending any wedding that day.  So the whole thing was finished in about an hour and half. Yuki and Hyuju had a few “costume” changes throughout the process, which I really liked!


Hyuji posing for pictures in the little room.


Hyuji’s father walking her down the isle.


This lady sang “A Whole New World” from Aladdin. Yuki asked me and a few friends to sing it, but we were all too shy!


The happy newly married couple!



At the buffet. Soju and makoli at every table!

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