Donghwasa Temple

From Brochure:

Donghwasa Temple was built in 493 AD by Geukdaljonja and was originally called the Yugasa Temple.  In 832 AD, when Priest Simji tried to rebuild the temple, the place was very beautiful with paulownia trees which were in full blossom.  Thus, the temple got its present name, Donghwasa Temple.  Priest Simji received 8 spoons which were handed down from Priest Jinpyo through Priest Yeongsim.  Hew threw the 8 spoons on Mt. Palgonsan and built a temple on the spot where they fell.

A few weeks ago, as part of my paragliding trip, we stopped by Palgongsan (Mountain) to see Donghwasa Temple.  I’ve hardly been to any temples here in Korea, so I was really excited to see it.  It’s located right outside of Daegu.  It’s a popular place to go hiking .  We only had about 30 minutes to walk around, which wasn’t nearly enough.  It was beautiful, and I really wish we’d had more time.  We were there just a couple of weeks before the huge holiday of Buddha’s birthday, so the temple was decorated with thousands of beautiful colored lanterns.  I immediately headed for the “main attraction”, the giant Buddha statue.  I took a few picture and then had to head back to the bus (it was a bit of a walk to get to this spot).  I definitely plan on going back now that I know how to get there, and my friends and I even talked about trying to do a “Temple Stay” here.

Image Image


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