Duryu Park

Last Saturday, some friends and I made our way over to Duryu park to relax outside and enjoy the amazing warm weather.  It seems like Korea jumped from winter right into summer.  Literally, one day I was wearing my huge winter coat, and the next day it was t-shirt weather.  I’d been wanting to go to Duryu park for a long time, but just never made it over there.  I live in an eastern suburb of Daegu, and I hardly ever go on the west side.  I get as far as downtown (Banwoldang), and that’s where I usually stay.  I’m always going to the same places too.  I always WANT to try new places, but the familiar ones are just so amazing I can’t part from them to try something new (Travelers, Star Kebab, Mies Container, Yoogane Dakgalbi, Dos Tacos, Quiznos-now closed).  

Duryu Park was really nice.  We found a nice shady spot and just relaxed for a few hours.  There were lots of families there and adorable little kids running around.  There were also lots of cute dogs.  Koreans LOVE their tiny little dogs and will dress them up, paint their nails, dye their hair, and push them around in strollers.  My only complaint about the park was that on the nearby stage they were having some sort of singing performance, and it was song after song of not so great singing. It reminded me of noraebang (karaoke) with my coworkers.  The type of music they like to sing is called “trot” (my coteacher said, not really sure), and it all sounds exactly the same.  Anyway, listening to that while trying to relax was a little annoying, but we toned it out the best we could.  It was a really enjoyable afternoon.  After the park, we headed downtown to eat dinner.  I finally after almost a year and a half tried Pan Asia.  It’s an Asian fusion restaurant on the main street where all the foreigner bars are.  Every time I tried to go before I didn’t want to wait for a table, but this time we waited and it was so worth it.  The pad thai was amazing!  I’ve been dreaming about it ever since Saturday night.  

Hilarious dog at Duryu Park:


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2 Responses to Duryu Park

  1. Mary Gwen says:

    Hilarious looking dog!!! Sounds like it was a good time! Fun in the park! Keep having a good ass time!

  2. Tiffany says:

    Wow. I should do that to Doug.

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