Birthday Festivities Part 1

I have lots of posts to catch up on!  But, I wanted to post about my extra special birthday this year.  I really wasn’t planning on making a big deal of it, but it ended up being better than anything I could have asked for.  I think I may even have to break it up into two separate posts.  It was THAT good!

Last Thursday I woke up extra early to call/skype special people back home, which was a fantastic start to the day.  If I wasn’t so tired and lazy every morning I might be able to do that more often, but it’s hard getting up!  Then, I decided that I was going to get Dunkin Donuts for breakfast.  It’s right by the bus stop and I’m usually really good about avoiding it, but my birthday seemed like a good day to give in.  This ended up not being a great choice, because as soon as I got to school my office mates had brought a chocolate mousse cake and insisted that we eat it “for breakfast”.  It was SO good, and after I finished one little piece I was bouncing with energy and ready for my first class.

As I was approaching the classroom I saw a few kids peeking their heads out and shouting to the class that I was here.  I walked in, and they started playing a video they’d cued up from youtube with a combined version Korean/English of “Happy Birthday”.  And they all sang! It was beyond cute.  This class is usually so hard to get motivated in the morning, and they tend to stare at me mutely.  It can be frustrating, but that day they were hyper and excited.  It made me really happy!  I had 3 other classes, and at least one other class sang to me. All the classes were well behaved and fun so they went by quickly!

That night I met with a big group of friends for Shabu Shabu dinner, one of my favorites.  They had changed the menu though, and my table accidentally ordered duck meat instead of beef.  I’ve had the duck meat before though, and it’s just as good so it wasn’t a problem.  So delicious!  Then we went next door for coffee/dessert before calling it a night. Great birthday dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Daegu/Gyeongsan!


Chocolate mousse cake with glazed grapes and tomatoes on top!


Shabu shabu meat and veggies. Yummy! With beer and soju, of course.


Mina, me, and Ivetthe at Shabu Hyang.

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