Birthday Festivities Part 2

Since my birthday was on a Thursday, and I wanted to do more than just a dinner, I had originally planned to go with a group of friends to a water park in Gyeongju (about 40 minutes away by bus).  But rainy season has started here, and the weather was supposed to be bad.  I was pretty disappointed, but on Friday night my neighbors Mina and Ivan suggested going to see an early showing of the movie World War Z.  Morning tickets are really cheap (5,000won~$5).

I saw about 10 of my students at the theater.  While my friends frequently see their students outside of school, I rarely do because my school is pretty far from where I live and hang out.  It’s happened only a few times.  They all have the same reaction.  Shock, surprise, “Ohmygod Vanessa teacher!!”.  It’s always hilarious.  They were all going to see Man of Steel. Anyway, the movie was actually a lot better than I thought.  I really enjoyed it.  Going with that theme, I had decided the night before that I wanted to check out the Daegu Shooting Range.  After seeing that movie, it seemed fitting to go practice shooting guns.  Everyone thought it was so strange that I’m from Texas and have never shot a gun before!

So, after the movie we went downtown and ate at Travelers Bar and Grill for lunch. It’s one of my favorite restaurants downtown.  They serve a little bit of everything…pastas, burgers, wraps, wings, fries, etc. ”  After lunch we got into a taxi and went out to the shooting range.  I was really nervous, but signed up and paid 25,000won(~$25) to get 10 shots with a 9mm, and 10 rifle shots outside with the clay pigeons.

I was surprised how much I liked shooting the 9mm.  I did pretty well for my first time.  I can’t imagine ever being in a situation where I’d feel okay about shooting a gun in real life though.  It’s really hard to aim, and it’s powerful so the jerk and kickback after it fires makes it feel really unstable.  Plus it’s so loud I can’t imagine ever doing that without ear protection!   I didn’t like that, but seeing my accuracy at the end was interesting.  I actually did the best out of the three of us that tried it.  The clay pigeon shooting didn’t go as well.  The gun was huge, and it was hard for me to hold it.  I didn’t get any!  But that’s okay.  I enjoyed trying something new!  I definitely want to go back there again and see if I can improve, and try some of the other activities they have.

After the gun range, we went back downtown because my friends had accidentally left their phones charging at the restaurant.  We ended up running into another friend who happened to have tickets to the Samsung Lions baseball game vs. the LG Twins.  I had been wanting to go to a baseball game, and it ended up working out perfectly.  We only stayed for a few innings, and there were no seats left so we had to stand in the back.  It was really great though,  and I’m glad I finally got to go!  Baseball is HUGE here.

We finally got back to the neighborhood around 9, and got dinner at an Italian restaurant near my apartment.  Then, next door for ice cream before calling it a night.  After 12 hours of activity I was exhausted.  This was one of the best days I’ve had in Daegu though, and I’m thankful for it and the great friends who shared it with me!


3 in the target range, and one almost in the middle! Yay!


Ivan, me, and Ariel


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