Swimming in Korea

Last summer the only time I went swimming was when I went on vacation to the Philippines.  I was determined not to let that happen again.  The only pools that exist in Korea are at gyms, hotels, or water parks so it’s not as easy or cheap to go swimming here, unfortunately.  Being from a place where swimming all summer is a way of life makes this really hard on me.  I’d heard about a nice pool at a hotel nearby so I grabbed my friends Ariel and Ivetthe and made them come check it out with me.   I’d been to this hotel once before by mistake, so I vaguely remembered how to get there.  It was a lot better than what I expected. We took the subway to Gosan Stn. and then took a taxi to the Interburgo Hotel.  Really quick and easy.  We quickly found the pool, paid the admission fee (15,000won~$15…Expensive!), and made our way to the pool area.  It wasn’t crowded at all, but we couldn’t find any seats.  We bought a huge pitcher of beer and found a little spot to sit on the ground.  When the time came to get in the pool the lifeguard approached us, and informed us we couldn’t get in the pool unless we had something covering our hair (a hat or swimcap).  This was strange to us, but Ivetthe got creative and fashioned a turban type thing out of her shirt and was cleared for the pool by the lifeguard.  Ariel and I went back outside and bought swim caps.   After that, we just relaxed all afternoon in and out of the pool.  It was amazing and much needed.  I can’t wait to go back!


Resort style pool at Interburgo Hotel in Daegu


Sun, fun, beer, and good conversation!


Being silly in our swim caps.

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One Response to Swimming in Korea

  1. Mary Gwen says:

    Nice pool you found! I would die without swimming!

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