Jeju Island Highlights: #7 Olle Coast Trail


Jeju island has some of the most beautiful sites and scenery in Korea, and also the world.  Of the many scenic walking trails that cover the island, #7 is arguably the best one.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to walk the whole trail, but what I did get to see was breathtaking.  The highlight was walking down a staircase to a natural swimming pool surrounded by cliffs.  We definitely got a lot of stares and pictures taken of us: About 50-60 foreigners jumping off cliffs into the crystal clear water.  I could have stayed in this area all day.




Along this trail you can see beautiful views of the famous Oedolgae Rock.  It’s basically a huge rock pillar shooting out of the ocean about 20 meters. One of the legends is that when Korea was getting attacked from a foreign army, they disguised the rock as a general.  The attackers were so terrified that they all committed suicide before reaching the coast.  One of my friends was leaning on the rail to take a picture, and it gave out.  He almost fell off the cliff, but was lucky and his foot caught on a small branch.  It caused quite a scene, and of course was referenced repeatedly for the rest of the trip. Scary!



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One Response to Jeju Island Highlights: #7 Olle Coast Trail

  1. Mary Gwen says:

    Those are some beautiful pictures of the ocean and the cliffs! I would be doing that same thing..swimming and jumping off the cliffs! Very cool!

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