Jeju Island Highlights: Loveland

*** Warning:  If you have children around, do not let them read/see this post.  Contains “graphic” pictures of a sexual nature.  I tried to post only the most “tame” pictures I had.  Also, may not be safe for viewing while you are at work! ***


A trip to Jeju island is not complete without going to the famous Loveland!  There are various parks like this (“penis parks”) located all around Korea.  I’d heard so much about them and had seen the pictures, but I had to experience it for myself.  On our way to catch the ferry back to the mainland, we had just enough time for a quick jaunt around the park.


Jeju island is also known in Korea as “honeymoon” island, so it is said that this park was created for something fun and romantic for young couples to experience together on their honeymoons.  However, it seemed like just for people to take silly pictures.  It’s definitely something different, and a unique experience.  I had a blast walking around looking at everything.  Korea is usually very conservative, so it was interesting to see all the sexual creativity they displayed at this park.


My favorite part of the whole experience was seeing a group of older women (adjummas) walking around taking hilarious pictures with the penises.  In the little snack bar area they had bread you could buy that was baked in to the shape of a penis.  The ladies were laughing so hard while they ate the bread and noticed us watching them.  My friends wanted to take a picture of them, and they ended up sharing their bread with us.  It was so nice to see them letting loose and having a good time.  I definitely recommend anyone visiting Jeju island to visit Loveland, as cheesy as it sounds.  It is interesting, and will provide priceless pictures and lots of laughs!

loveland loveland2

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One Response to Jeju Island Highlights: Loveland

  1. Mary Gwen says:

    OMG!!!! The attack of the PENI!!!!!! This is hilarious!! I would be laughing the whole time!!! Ich kann es nicht glauben! Sehr lustig!!!!! hahhahahhahahahahahahah

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