Jeju Island Highlights: Hamdeok Beach


My accommodation for the trip was right across from Hamdeok beach.  Since it wasn’t peak season, we had almost the whole area to ourselves.  I was blown away by how beautiful this beach was.  I never thought a beach like this could exist in Korea.  It rivaled Borocay in the Philippines, in my opinion.  The water was the perfect temperature and crystal clear.  The beach had beautiful white sand, and was surrounded by amazing volcanic rock creations.  The only downside was there seemed to be an overpopulation of fish.  It was hard to swim without getting pelted in the face by swarming schools of small fish.  The guys kept kicking them in the water and making them fly out at us.  You could probably hear us screaming from a mile away.  It was fun though, and a true paradise on Jeju island.




This beach is very secluded, and there aren’t a lot of options for food, shopping, nightlife, etc.  On the first night we were there, our huge group all crowded around the local convenience store, and we turned it into our own bar/club.  In Korea there aren’t any open container laws so you can drink anywhere.  Most convenience stores have picnic tables set up outside so you can drink and eat snacks and ramen.  At one point there were probably about 70 of us outside this store drinking, playing cards, talking, and even dancing.  A guy pulled up his car and blasted some hip hop.  It was quite a sight to see and experience.  The poor people working inside didn’t seem sure what to make of it all, not to mention the Koreans and their families walking by.  It’s definitely something I will not forget any time soon!

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One Response to Jeju Island Highlights: Hamdeok Beach

  1. Mary Gwen says:

    EWWWWW….What an amazing beach and swim places! What a cool place! Were there any penis’s at this place too? hahahah….I couldn’t believe that place with all the peni! OMG! I would be laughing and peeing in my pants!!!! What experiences you are having! Out of this world!!!!

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