EPIK trip to Andong and Yeongju

Fall arrived beautifully here in Korea.  I finally got the opportunity to go on one of the two trips offered every year by the office of education for my province.  Everything was paid for, and we got two days off from school to attend the trip.  I was really excited because my friends had told me the trips were really fun and interesting, and that we get to stay in nice hotels in beautiful places.

This years trip was to the north of Gyeongbuk province to the cities of Andong and Yeongju, both very historically cultural places in Korea.  I had never been to either so I was excited to finally get to see them.  The first stop we made in Andong was to a small folk museum.  I have to say it wasn’t too interesting, but the location was really beautiful.  I got some great pictures of the trees changing colors.  After that we had lunch (disappointing), and had a little bit of time to explore Woryeonggyo (Woryeong Bridge).


After that we drove to Yeongju where we would be staying over night.  It ended up being a folk village with the traditional Korean buildings and houses (hanok).   We participated in various cultural activities there.  I did the painting class, and the traditional tea ceremony class.   That night we were kind of trapped in this village as there was no convenience stores or restaurants nearby.  There wasn’t really anything to do, so the girls in my room just had a  “slumber party”, and went to bed early.


Our accommodation for the night.

Our accommodation for the night.

The next day we woke up early and explored more of the folk village and the museum that was also located there giving information about the history of the area in Yeongju.


Our last activity for the day was to see Buseoksa Temple.  This temple was located in the mountains, and was especially beautiful in the fall.  I’m really glad I got to see it during this season.


Overall the trip wasn’t very exciting, and a lot of people complained and were disappointed (apparently the budget got cut this year so it wasn’t as good as previous trips).  But, I got to see some new beautiful places and had two days off school so that was really nice!

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One Response to EPIK trip to Andong and Yeongju

  1. So how did you like Andong and Yeongju? As someone who has taught and lived in Andong for the past four years, I can say it’s a great city to start your time teaching ESL. It’s a decent sized city, with everything you need, and an hour or so away from Daegu. It does get a little boring around here from time to time, but overall it’s worth visiting.

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