Thailand Part 2: First Day in Krabi

After one day and night in Phuket, we started our journey to Krabi.  We organized a bus to take us from Phuket to Krabi rather than a ferry because it was a little cheaper.  I’m not sure which way would have been best, but the bus turned out to be pretty terrible.  It took a lot longer than we were told, and we were crammed with tons of other people in a minivan on bumpy roads for hours.  We were all pretty angry and a little carsick by the time we made it to the Krabi Town bus terminal.  We finally made it to our resort hotel about mid-afternoon.  As soon as we saw our hotel (Peace Laguna Resort) our moods brightened a lot!  It was located right next to Ao Nang beach.  The place was gorgeous with amazing views.  I really couldn’t believe we were staying there.  I gave the front desk people the information about my lost bag, and after a quick phone call they told me my bag would arrive in just a couple hours.  Things were looking up!  After we checked in we explored the hotel, surrounding area, ate a delicious Indian food lunch, and went for a swim in the beautiful swimming pool.  We also organized our activities for the week.  


Gorgeous view from the open hotel lobby.



The hotel provided a free buffet breakfast every morning with local food as well as traditional western breakfast foods.


The main road outside our hotel in Ao Nang. Lots of shopping, restaurants, and nightlife.



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1 Response to Thailand Part 2: First Day in Krabi

  1. Mary Gwen says:

    OMG! To die for environment!! I would never never leave this place! LOL!

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